Irish Setters & Afghan Hounds

Thendara Tiger Dance’ ISAE & ISAE Joint

Tiger ‘Thendara Tiger Dance’ came out in style at ISAE & ISAE joint after a “maturing sabbatical’! To win Limit dog under Jackie Willis & 2nd limit with top honours consideration under Fiona Heron. Tigers beautiful Son ‘Thendara Firecracker’ owned by Julie Gilbert won P.grad and our star studded ‘Thendara Big Love’ won Yearling, we […]

Thendara Big Love JW. ISAE & ISAE Joint

What a great few shows we’ve enjoyed with Mac consistently winning his yearling classes. (ISCW, Birmingham City, Darlington -CC)ISAE, Joint ISAE, & GSOW.Thank you to all the judges and everyone for kind congratulations.Missing a few shows now while busy rearing the most beautiful litter by Mac and Sam (T’Strictly Samba)

Bath 2023

THENDARA BIG LOVE JW. 1CC Super day at a fabulous Bath Championship show in fabulous weather.‘Mac’ delighted us by winning another hotly contested Junior Stakes under Experienced Top Gundog Specialist and all rounder judge, Mr. Moray Armstrong.Thank you to everyone for kind congratulations and congratulations to Bath society for staging another exceptionally laid out and organised […]

Irish Sherry Do To Me

Irish Sherry Do To Me, Irish Red Setter owned by Otegui Carpintero, AinaraBred by Ulvi & Urmas Manama , EstoniaBIS at the Prestigious Geneva international Dog Show.We are especially proud of this Dog the loyalty & Faith to our lines by Ulvi & Urmas and the dedication of Ainara & Otegui producing a stunning show […]


Irish Setters & Afghan Hounds