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Blackpool Afghan Hounds Critique

Blackpool Championship dog show 24th June 2023

Afghan Hounds.

Thank you to Blackpool Society for your invitation to judge Afghan Hounds and hospitality given to me . Also a big Thank you to my hard working, amazing stewards, John Purnell & Clive Denton.

I was first scheduled to judge here during the pandemic so have been waiting patiently and I was not disappointed with, by todays standards, this very large quality entry. At this time, I think more than ever, as exhibitors, so many factors working against us, every show counts, so may I thank you all for seeking my opinion, the effort & expense of presenting your precious Afghans to me in clean well groomed condition. Everyone was kind and appeared to accept my decisions graciously.

Due to a comment, I absolutely do not have any coat colour bias, over many, many years I have owned, bred and enjoyed most colours, a good dog is a good dog regardless of its coat colour, it was purely incidental that many of those dogs I considered class winners were black variations.

It was fiercely windy which always makes presenting and judging coated breeds a challenge, most dealt with it well, although some of the younger ones excitedly loved the wind and for some it really wasn’t their bag!

I was absolutely delighted to see my Best of Breed go on to win the Hound Group and the following day from an outstanding lineup win a much deserved res.Best in Show.

My best junior went on to win the Hound junior group and winner of MPB won the days heat of Eukanuba puppy stakes.

My overall impression from this entry is, and I should think obvious to all, is the very mixed bag of shapes sizes and type, especially and more so in Bitches, I found some ‘big girls” ! The essential Style of high order is lacking in too many across the board!. Other areas of concern for me were, straight tails, course & short untypical heads and yet again my biggest gripe; lack of hard muscular condition, there really is no excuse, its totally in your hands!

However I was really happy with my winners and some decisions were very v tight indeed.


Kirk & Williams. Istani Davidoff The Game. BLK/TAN 8mnths. Loved him as soon as he entered the ring on his long legs covering the ground with light springy steps. He’s oh so raw & houndy! Tall, Full of quality & promise & blessed with all the essentials, with careful nurturing should have an exciting future. Beautiful long balanced head with correct expression, good strong jaw, low set ears, excellent straight front with depth and ribs well back. Level topline, pinbones fallaway and ring tail all correct. Sweeping quarters. In-between ‘being a pup’ he has a huge side gait,. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Harwood. Altside Too Hot To Handle.another promising pale gold boy, he has a lovely eye & expression, nicely balanced all through great front & big feet. Moved ok.

PD.1st. Istani Davidoff The game.

2. Lockett-Davies,Lockett-Davies & Moyes. Rhazmakh Sun O’Summer. 9mnths. Beautiful type, quality cream boy, lovely correct eye & expression balanced well angulated frame. Movement a little untidy Taking off with the wind !

JD. fabulous quality class. First 2 litter mates as were the last 3.

Gorman & Latimer. Shahfoladi Sphinx Riddle at Zharook (ai) Have admired many times from the ringside and was not disappointed. I think this BLK & Tan young man is one of the most exciting young male dogs of this time, and with ordinary luck & maturity is bound to hit the big time! Oozes quality & type is blessed with plenty of Afghan Hound breed characteristic’s from his long head and although obviously immature the signs of good chiselling, great eye shape and dark colour. Stands square on big feet, with balanced angulation to front with shoulders well back, good depth of chest, nicely ribbed back, level topline, prominent hip bones correct fallaway and ringed tail. Nicely bent stifles. Moved well, carrying his head high on a strong long neck. up & back is true and in profile with lift & extension. Best Junior & Jnr Hound group winner.

2.Gizewska. Shahfoladi Thunderbird (ai)BLK.Tan litter brother to above and has the same quality & great breed points. Slightly longer & finer than above and less mature in body. Another lovely typical long head, long neck, good angles fore & aft and carried himself very well on the move with a raised well set on ringed tail.

3. French. Sitana Moon Knight at Zalmeerah.

YEARLING. 1.Parker. Saxonmill Magic Moment at Khatira. Loved this quality, elegant BLK/Tan boy presented in lovely coat, still quite immature under hand but has a correct well angulated frame with good depth & rib. Wonderful head with lots of work and correct oriental type expression from a good eye of dark colour, strong jaw. Head Carried on a long strong neck into good level topline, with nice fallaway and correctly set ringed tail carried high. Covered the ground on big feet with good extension, lift and purpose. Moving like that he should with ordinary luck have a lot of winning ahead of him.

2.Macmillan. Sitana the winter Soldier. Res in Junior. Another lovely boy from what looks to be a quality litter. Balanced all through and very well made. lovely head long neck, good angles , moved well when settled.

3. Roper & Moore. Sitana The Kingsman at Temenshu. VHC in Jnr. Quality gold boy who I have admired from the ringside, today he was having the time of his life which didn’t involve being or moving like a show dog! Bless him, another day! Of which there will be many I’m sure!

GRAD. Mixed class all so very different in build but all had some qualities & breed attributes.

Semple & Beck. Ayoubkan Stargazer. Beautifully presented self masked cream. In good coat with lovely saddle. Medium in size & Fine all through but good muscle & condition; a pleasing outline from his long head which scores with the most beautiful oriental expression, darkest eye and pigment. long neck, into good shoulder, straight front, prominent hip bones good wide fallaway, moved soundly with good tail carriage.

2. Kellet. Geordele Born Free. Loved the square & balanced outline of this shaded mask gold boy, stronger in head but classic expression, long neck good angles fore & aft, well ribbed, short loin, fallaway with ringed tail, have seen him move better and needed more scope today. Presented in lovely hard & clean condition promise of a good coat to come.

3. Peek-Matar. Yansukhims Sherbet Fizz. Presented beautifully.

P.GRAD. 1.Newtons. Shimalma Jagermeister. Headed a good class although again very mixed for type & shapes. I actually surprised myself on going over this self masked pale gold, just How correct and full of quality he is, of medium size he stands four square with a classic outline, unassumingly handled, presented in beautiful silky long coat, super long quality head with correct eye shape and super expression, good strong jaw, long neck into straight front and shoulders sloping well back, super topline, strong short loin and nice fallaway with prominent hipbones and correct tail set. Big front feet. Moved well holding his outline..

2.Edwards. Beast Friend Forever at Djasti. Nicely presented Oyster brindle , bigger and longer in outline, lovely long head and expression, low earset. Good angles to frame fore & aft. Nice big feet. Moved ok.

3.French. Trust Queen Buddha Zalmeerah.

Limit. Super quality class. 1.Finch & Hooper Zandahar Xtraordinary Me at Zinzani. Blk.brindle of excellent quality & type and fully mature. Have admired from the ringside and on another day could easily of taken the CC. Presented in hard condition and excellent coat & handled well. Stacked he stands over plenty of ground on big feet. Good head with work and lovely typical expression from darkest eye. Longish neck, he stands strongly on an excellent front assembly, good well sprung rib, slightly longer in loin but his strong well angulated quarters hold him well and he makes an excellent account of himself on the move with tail & head held proudly. Good luck .

2. Cowley & Maroney-Cowley. Hariri Ben Mahsati von Haussman (imp.Chi) Typy, top quality shaded masked gold. From initial class inspection this beautiful boy commands your attention. Stands proudly over his ground. presented in hard condition and good coat. Beautiful head of correct proportions and true eye & expression. Long neck, great front and balanced quarters, strong level topline, good fallaway from prominent hip bones good width to croup and nice set on of tail. It was on these points he earned his high place as Unfortunately & disappointingly although there was a glimmer of what he is undoubtedly capable of on the move, he is obviously unhappy in this scenario.

3.Reed. Cloudside Sunstrike.

OPEN. I can honestly say this is one of the best class’s I have ever judged of any breed. Once more all slightly different in make and shape but oozing in Afghan Hound quality, All entrants were worthy dogs in their own right. I appreciated and soaked up the expert handling and the top class presentation of these outstanding hounds made my job very exciting and should be a lesson to all.

  1. Millward, Millward, Race & Ferguson. CH/AUST.CH. Tahkira Affogato. Well known classy top Afghan and another I have admired from the ringside, I was extremely pleased to be able to inspect him hands-on. Oh my, he did not disappoint at 5 years old he is a fully mature finished stallion of a dog. Under the immaculate long silky black & silver coat with striking white chest marking, there is an extremely well made strong dog of excellent type & text book proportions, in optimum hard condition. His head is long & lean with strength of jaw and darkest triangular eye. His long neck flows into the best of fronts, which he stands confidently on, he has good depth of chest, good sternum & well sprung ribs, strong short loin, level topline, , correct fallaway to powerful wide quarters sweeping stifles good ringed tail well set on. Making use of our huge ring He moved with great carriage & attitude, power and extension, and an undeniable style of high order, the more he goes the better he settles into his gait. It gave me great pleasure to award him the CC & BOB. It was really exciting to watch him command and win a strong Hound Group and the following day return to win res. BIS in a stellar line up. Congratulations.
  2. Yamada & Hamilton. INT.CH. Tells Kjavu Its About Time. This stunning top class shaded mask Gold boy of 2 1/2 years pushed one to the wire. Another who commands attention and is expertly presented in top coat & condition, he leaves you in no doubt of his superiority, presents an all afghan outline of enviable type, owning the ground he stands on, from his beautiful correctly proportioned head, he looks straight through you from darkest eyes. Long neck, level back, prominent hip bones good width to powerful quarters, stands well over his of front, long tail well carried,. He is light of foot with a great easy ground covering gait, his carriage is aloof and he too made use of our huge ring. Still a youngster at 2 1/2, which is evident hands on and Today I separated him from the winner on maturity., but was delighted to award him the RES.CC.

3. Rosati. Way Up 2pac Shakur. This top quality Blk/Tan of 4 years was also really exciting to judge. Slightly finer in frame than above, he still commands attention.stands over his ground on a good front and quarters with well bent stifles. Owns the best of heads, which is long with strength of jaw, beautifully worked with a superb expression from dark triangular eyes, long neck level topline, good wide croup which fallaway easily , well set on ringed tail. Comes into his own on the move with light true footfall lift & extension & completing this trio of outstanding males all displaying a desired style of high order!


MPB. 3 beautiful baby girls.

  1. Hannigan,Whitehead,Selby,& Maloret. Zobears Here’s Drama. Eye-catching Blk of just 6 Months. Loved this leggy baby she owned the ring moving effortlessly , so Afghan, This houndy puppy has all the essentials, good shaped head and Expression long neck hard back, long ringed tail, big feet .
  2. Rhodes Alqadar Ariodante (IMP) Blk/Brin of 6 months too, all quality, squarer in outline standing and moving. Loved her head and expression from darkest eyes of lovely eastern shape, good angles to front which she stands on confidently balanced quarters, level topline, long ringed tail. Moved true & very well assured.
  3. Scott.Altside Hot Shot at Arushkhan

Puppy..more promising girls

1.Bellringer. Pramya Keep your eyes on me.(imp.fin) quality shaded mask gold of almost 12 months and had the edge on maturity. Nice head just now needs to break, carried on good neck, great front , nice depth and ribbed well back strong quarters and good set on of tail, .i particularly liked her confident movement & carriage going off nicely from well bent stifles and short hocks BPB

2. Alqadar Ariodante (IMP)

3.Altside Hot Shot at Arushkhann

JUNIOR. Mixed class for type and all at different stages of development.

1.Gleed & Mcphearson. Saviour and my Salvation at Ksiadz. Liked this Classy oyster brindle who is at the top end of Junior. Really appealed on the stack for her well balanced square outline showing her nicely angulated frame, dead level topline falling away nicely from prominent hip bones, a beautiful head of lovely proportions & true eye shape with good expression. In excellent silky coat and hard condition moving true with good carriage.

2. Smiths. Katanga Jessica jones. A quality BLK.Silver and as it was with 3rd giving away a lot in maturity. Very promising, Compact and square, lovely head, neck, straight front, big feet. Level topline, good fallaway, moved steadily with nice style.

3.Moyes Lockett-Davies & Hunter. Rhazmakh heart O’Summer by Bryellis.TAF. another quality young lady.


1.Harris. Saxonmill girl in The Mirror at Portianja. Alone but a worthy winner in any competition. I have noticed her from the ringside & was not disappointed, absolutely loved her. But, she’s oh so full of “joie de vivre” which although it should definitely not be extinguished, it would be to advantage if her enthusiasm could be a little more targeted to her job in the show ring.

She’s Blk/Tan, quite tall, in lovely coat and the hardest condition. She has the best of heads, which is correct long & strong & in proportion, the best of eyes and expression, all supported on a good length of neck. well angulated elegant frame, a tad extra length to loin .nice sweep to stifle, hard level topline, good croup & fallaway excellent ringed tail. Inbetween moving like the wind were elements of the super movement she’s undoubtably of capable of. I Gave her the chance to be considered for higher honours.

GRAD. 1. Day. Ambrozja Piaffini Khorinyas (Imp.Pol) took my interest on first look around, this very feminine well proportioned black is of medium size balanced & well angulated. Loved her correct & desirable long head with the best shaped dark eye & true expression. Good depth & rib, compact through the loin. Level topline, good tail with ring, set on well. A Change of handler to move her, let her use the ring to her advantage she soon settled into her stride to show she can do it very well. Shortlisted in the challenge.

2. Humphreys.Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove. Appealing & feminine self masked cream, she is nicely balanced with an elegant outline, good head shape and expression, firm level topline good through the quarters with nice fallaway. Moved well using her tail.

3.Hughes. Alishan Sense Una Donna at Nantmelan (Imp.Fra)

P.GRAD. 1. Gunn & Cannon. Karagez Kartina at Zushkhan (Imp) another who instantly appealed on entering the ring, beautifully feminine blk/silver in super coat and hard condition, she has a lovely long head with strength & feminine eastern expression, good length of neck which flows into a level back, hindquarters are strong & falls away nicely from good hip bones, stifles well bent, short hocks, moved freely with head held high and good tail carriage.

2.. Mitchell,Thornton & Smithson. Absolute Afghans India at Karnak (Imp.Nor) Beautiful headed shaded mask gold, with classic expression she’s larger & longer all through than above. The presentation of this silky & profusely coated girl is fabulous, even in the high winds her hair always dropped into place.she has a good straight front, level topline, wide and powerful quarters , nice fallaway and good tail. Super sweep to stifle, she moved freely carrying herself well.

3.Harris.Gezancol Tickled Pink at Portianja


A hotly contended class and the differences in type was very evident here, but some hairsplitting choices!

  1. Dowd & Malia Saxonmill Mirror Image. Lovely blk with a good outline, she has a good head and expression from nice eye shape, particularly liked her length of neck & the clean fit to nicely laid back shoulders, stands well on a straight front. Holds a firm level topline. Good quarters, nice fallaway & sweep to stifle .ringed tail which was raised just enough, she’s Tidy on the move with a light lift and good extensions, the gusts didn’t excite her at all. I’ve seen her go with more enthusiasm but she put in a good enough performance to pip ‘2’ to the post.
  2. Millward Millward & Race. Calahorra Moonlight N dreams of Tico at Alouann (Imp.Aus) loved going over this deep saddled quality silver brindle, she pressed 1 hard, liked her balanced outline every part of her flows easily under hand excelling in head & true expression, the best of neck & fronts, good depth, shoulder placement, & well ribbed back and complimentary angulation to quarters. Moved well and enthusiastically with the wind!
  3. Cullen. Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska.


Top quality class albeit very mixed in make n shape!

1.Della Rocca. INT.CH. Way Up Punta Margherita. I noticed this perfect for size Blk/brin girl on the first look around. She stands four square on the stack in a good coat of silky texture, not overdone yet has a very proud demeanour; she has good substance and is in hard condition but is every bit very feminine. Her well worked head, for me, is as good as it gets, the best expression from the darkest triangular eye, with desirable oblique set, correct strength to jaws. Good length of neck which is strong and flows easily into her straight front with good depth and shoulders well back , dead level back with nice fallaway. Tail is ringed, correctly set and carried. She has enough sweep to stifle with good width through the thigh, she drives off from short hocks. effortlessly moving with a nice spring and excellent carriage.

2. Gilbert. CH. Altside as hot as Hell at Affietar. Silver brindle of good proportions, up to size she has an eye-catching outline and is presented in beautiful silky coat and the best hard condition. She is self masked brindle of good proportions & has a nice eye shape. Good neck shoulders and strong quarters with well bent stifles making her very balanced. she scores in her Carriage moving and although she did move well today with good reach & drive she lacked her usual the sparkle.

3.Hills. CH. Oshanameh’s Star Light Bright (imp.EST) Loved the striking outline of this deeply saddled quality gold, who stands proudly over her ground with a great angulated frame, lovely long head with plenty of chiselling, moved so well covering the ground effortlessly.


Loved this class.

  1. Gunn & Cannon. INT/Lux CH. Amal Salang Hey Im the Star at Zushkhan. I have done well for this quality black/sil before and have not changed my mind of medium size, all feminine with just the right head & eye shape. She’s very well balance and flows through a slender neck into a good angulated front, good angulated quarters gave her great balance in profile. Moved so well with great attitude and at only 8yrs stole the class.
  2. Link. CH/IR/ned/Int.CH. Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan JW. (Imp.Ned)

Quality red of 9 yrs. presented in beautiful nicely saddled full coat and condition, super long slightly greying head with lovely expression. much larger framed than above, I liked her her well angulated frame she stands over plenty of ground on a good front & sweeping quarters her back is strong and level, great width across the croup which falls away well, she moved with good tail carriage but not as free flowing as above.

3.Harris. Devanmarn Magic Touch at Portianja. Quality blk with beautiful head & expression nicely balanced all through and in hard condition & good to go over. She enjoyed herself moving.

Dee Milligan Bott


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