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It must be every exhibitor dream to win any prize card at Crufts, an almost unattainable dream is to win Best of Breed maybe only surpassed by the impossible dream of going through the group and winning Best in Show at the World’s Greatest Dog Show!

So in the ‘Dream’ stakes we are humbled and extremely proud of our exciting and extraordinary breed record here.

As Breeders the males in our Crufts success come in direct line generation after generation and the sense of achievement, we feel by what we consider to be skilled & successful breeding recognised on such a formidable stage is immense.

The Thendara journey started with SHCH Bardonhill Sea Breeze over Thendara who at her first Crufts won a VHC, a card I still have today! 

She later became the dam of our first Male Irish Setter SHCH.Thendara Okay Yaa to win Best of Breed in 1996

However, the first big Green edged card was won by our girl Bardonhill Eeny Meeny at Thendara, ‘Mia’ was awarded the bitch Challenge Certificate in 1992, also interesting to note she became the dam of SHCH.Thendara The Tourist Best Of Breed 2001

‘Mia - Bardonhill Eeny Meeny at Thendara’ our first Crufts CC winner in 1992


Sh Ch Thendara Okay Yaa’ BOB 1996

Okay BOB Crufts 1966

In 2000 it was our Top Dog Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy

a son of ‘Sh Ch Thendara Okay Yaa’ won Best of Breed

SHCH Thendara Kennedy

Followed by his son in 2001

Sh Ch Thendara the Tourist

Followed by the triple crown winning TOP DOG

Sh Ch Thendara Don Corleone

don 2005


ShCh Don Corleone 2006


Don Coreleone


In 2010 it was the turn of our star boy ‘Jingles’ Sh Ch Sumaric Shadow of MrJingles, Don Corleone’s son. Jingles also won the Res CC & Best Veteran in 2013

jingles 2010 scaled


2015 was the turn of Jingles son, our big winning TOP DOG, Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle

Noodle - Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW


An achievement he repeated in 2016

Noodle - Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW


Then winning
Best Veteran and the RCC in 2017

Noodle - Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW


And after appearing in the ‘big ring’ on two previous occasions having made the finals of the Eukanuba Champion Stakes. Which we believe is another record for an Irish Setter. In 2019 ‘Mike’ went all the way to Best of Breed in his own right.


crufts cup

The silver gilt highly decorated Lonsdale Cup is 13 inches high of classic challenge cup form with fancy detachable cover and scroll handles.It is engraved “ For the best Dog in the Show” the reverse engraved “presented to the Kennel Club by the Earl of Lonsdale” a double tiered plinth & inscription plates are engraved with winners 1912 & 1913, 1920-1938. It was not awarded between 1938 to 1969

The cup was originally awarded to the ‘Best bitch of any breed’ at the Kennel Club show, and in 1932 the only Irish Setter to have won that distinction was the noted CH.Hartsbourne Vanity.

In 1968 the cup was re-presented by The Kennel Club to
Crufts Show for the Best Irish Setter.
Since then all Irish Setter Best of Breeds have had their
names engraved on the cup, we are extremely proud to
know Thendara dogs feature Nine time’s!

It was an exciting experience when the cup was delivered
already engraved by Garrards the London Jewellers.

We believe Don was the last dog to have it physically
awarded, as it is now only kept on display at the Kennel

We feel extremely privileged to have enjoyed so many exciting Crufts. Many Thendara dogs have proudly stood in the placings and a special mention to our other dogs, some of whom are owned in partnership with dear friends of Thendara.

These beautiful dogs have filled us with excitement and pride by winning their classes taking home a coveted Crufts Red Rosette:

Crufts Red Rosettes

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Irish Setters & Afghan Hounds